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A lot of Buyers still think that the Bank or Building Society valuation is all thy need, but this is done on behalf of the Bank or Building Society, not the buyer.

There are generally 3 levels of survey/valuation:

  • Level 1 Lenders Valuation
  • Level 2 Homebuyers Report
  • Level 3 Building Survey (sometimes called a Structural Survey)

The Homebuyers Report will go into the condition of the property in greater depth than the basic Lenders Valuation, and explain the faults on the property, and will advise what if any specialist reports are required i.e. damp report, electrical repair report, gas installation report, cavity wall tie specialist report. All of which will come with an estimate of repair, so that the buyer can assess the cost of the repairs, and then it will be a discussion between buyer and seller as to the proportion of cost that each of those parties will be responsible for if the fault means that the property is not worth as much as they have offered to pay.

Buyers should have at least the Homebuyers level of Report to protect themselves. This should be obtained from a surveyor who is qualified, and is acting only in their interests.

An older style property should have a Building Survey, and should also include a Valuation as part of the service.

What can you expect from us…?

  • We’ll talk to you in a plain language
  • All problems found highlighted and discussed
  • We suggest solutions to problems
  • Full written reports evidenced with photographs
  • We’ll go through the report with you
  • All survey queries clarified and explained

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